Miami Metal Prints, Print on Metal, Metal Art

High definition dye sublimation printing on aluminum HANDCRAFTED IN MIAMI

Quality is our priority, serving the local community our specialty. We can produce any custom size Aluminum Prints, 
Custom Shapes, Art Projects like: Sculptures, Wall Murals and even Signage, we offer local delivery and installation.

HD printing on aluminum for Photography, Artworks or Designs. We infuse any image in Aluminum. Truly archival, it is the perfect medium to preserve any image forever in a beautiful way.
Our dye sublimation process in 8 color versus 4 color, for an ultimate and more professional resultour mission is to produce the highest quality metal print possible for you!

Send us your file for review here "Upload your File" 

Our Metal Prints are ready to hang and 100% aluminumwe do not use any foam, mdf or wood on the back of the prints, our floating back frames are made of aluminum.

Dye Sublimation services for any size, any shape and even murals with our custom aluminum hanging systems for easy installation...

Contact us by phone at (305) 332 7531 or by email  if you have any questions, for more information or need to an make an appointment 

We now offer Art Capturing and Art Reproduction into Aluminum, from your original artworks, we will capture your art and reproduce into the Metal.

Latest generation of ChromaLuxe aluminum photo panels a.k.a HD Metal Prints are far more stable and longer lasting than Kodak Endura or other current silver-halide papers, including silver-halide acrylic (plexi) prints...

Please noteWe manufacture the highest metal print quality possible, but absolute perfection isn't possible. As aluminum sheets contains rarely natural imperfection that part we cannot control, very tiny dot could be visible or very small imperfections
We do not offer replacement for prints with small imperfections that we judge or part of the aluminum nature. We inspect each sheet very carefully and if there are imperfections we place them in the most unobtrusive parts of the image. 
We cannot remake Metal Prints due to these imperfections or due to color inconsistency, you must order and approve proofs first, that applies for any color critical jobs. Thank you for your understanding. Miami Metal Prints