Dye Sublimation Details

Our High Definition Printing process is called dye sublimation on Aluminum, dye sublimation produces the HD Prints on Metal, gives astonishing results.

Our 8 colors output gives Outstanding Color Range & Pure Luminescence even with complex gradients. The amazing process gives a scratch resistant glass like

surface that is water proof & cleanable. Our Metal is 0.045" thick aluminum and is available in many different finish, Gloss, semi-gloss and Matte, White or Brushed Aluminum.

100% recycled & recyclable. Metal Prints are available in different standard sizes, check the " Sizes & Prices " for custom sizes please contact us


What is dye sublimation into aluminum a.k.a metal prints?

It's dye inks (vegetable based inks) that contain no voc's (volatile organic compounds) that are sublimated (infused) into the aluminum with pressure and heat process.

How long will my dye sublimation product will last?

Indoors could last for a lifetime.. (truly archival compared to plexi or acrylic prints it last more than 3 times longer than the best metallic papers

On what surfaces can my images be printed?

The image is infused not printed with sublimation process into the aluminum

What is the difference between dye sublimation and direct inkjet prints?

The image is inside the material not on the surface, as a result it is water proof and scratch resistant, regular printing is not

How do I hang my dye sublimation print on the wall?

They come ready to hang, we even provide screws to hang on the wall,

Miami Metal Prints's prints come with instruction and unique custom

aluminum hanging systems and mounting (included)

Would the aluminium surface visible in my dye sublimation print?

yes and no, depending on the finish that you choose,

the clear finish: gloss or matte or semi-gloss you would see the natural brushed metal of the aluminum

What shapes are available for dye sublimation aluminum prints?

At Miami Metal Prints we can make any custom size and shapes in aluminum

Can I have a photo mosaic or collage printed with dye sublimation?

Yes we can create any size mosaics, collages or wall murals, contact us for details and estimates

What kinds of images look best with dye sublimation?

The most important point is the quality of the image,

if its great quality image, the resolution is good and

the capture is sharp, then you will get an outstanding print.

Colorful image are recommend for the gloss and more pastel

for the matte finish and black and whites are great on the brushed silver metallic finish

Is dye sublimation only for photography or artwork?

No, it could be for many type of application, from art to signage, the only limitation is your creativity...

we also offer art capture and reproduction if you want to transfer your art to metal

from canvas painting or other material like wood or paper. we capture your art at high resolution, then reproduce it as a clone into the aluminum (art reproduction and capturing)

DYE SUBLIMATION NEWS Latest generation of ChromaLuxe aluminum photo panels a.k.a HD Metal Prints are far more stable and longer lasting than Kodak Endura or other current silver-halide papers, including silver-halide prints framed under UV-absorbing acrylic or plexi prints glass and even when face-mounted to UV-absorbing acrylic. ChromaLuxe aluminum sublimation photo panels achieve Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. (WIR) Display Permanence Ratings that are lasting three times longer than current silver-halide photo papers...

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Metal Prints Details
Please note: We manufacture the highest metal print quality possible, but absolute perfection isn't possible. As aluminum sheets rarely contains natural imperfection and that we cannot controlled, very tiny little dot could be visible or some small imperfections. We do not offer replacement for prints with small imperfections that we judge or part of the aluminum nature. We inspect each sheet very carefully and if there are imperfections we place them in the most unobtrusive parts of the image. We cannot remake Metal Prints due to these imperfections, thank you for your understanding.
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